Shanghai Huawan Communication Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as " Huawan " ) hereby reminds users to carefully read and abide by the "Huawan Video Communication Cloud Service Software License and Service Agreement" (hereinafter referred to as " this Agreement " ). Users should carefully read and fully understand the terms of this agreement, especially those related to the exemption or limitation of Huawan's liability, dispute resolution and the application of laws. Please read carefully and choose to accept or not accept this agreement (minors should read with the legal guardian). Unless you have read and accepted all the terms of this agreement, you do not have the right to download, install or use the Zhuan video communication cloud service software (hereinafter referred to as  Janzhu  ) and related services. Your downloading, installing, using, obtaining the video communication cloud service management account, the video communication cloud service end user account (hereinafter referred to as the video account), and logging in shall be deemed that you have read and agreed to the above agreement.

I. Agreement and scope of application

1.1   This agreement is an agreement between the user and Huawan about downloading, installing, logging in, using the software, and using the attention-related services. " Huawan " refers to the possible operating affiliates of Huawan and its related services. " Attention users " means individuals or organizations that register, log in, and use Attention Software and Services, and are referred to as " users " in this Agreement .

1.2   The content of this agreement also includes the relevant agreements, business rules, etc., which Huawanhe may release from time to time. Once the above content is officially released, it is an integral part of this agreement, and users should also observe it.

1.3 Huawan has the right to modify or change the chargeable services, charging standards, charging methods, service fees and service terms as required. Huawan will do its best to notify users of the modification or change via email or other means. If the user refuses to pay such fees, he / she cannot continue to use the related services after the fee starts.

1.4 The final interpretation right of this agreement belongs to Huawan.

About this service

2.1   Content of this service

The content of this service refers to the eye-catching video communication cloud service provided by Huawan to the users (hereinafter referred to as "the eye-catching " ). Attention as a video communication cloud service, the functional services provided are: adaptive network, high-definition audio and video communication interaction (supports up to 10,000 parties access), scheduled meetings, document sharing, multi-platform interoperability, meeting recording, conference text chat, enterprise the IM , double dual functions, attention is also supported in addition PSTN voice, the conventional H.323 / SIP access device; while providing movable end profile the SDK, providing API for integration of third party applications.

2.2   Form of the service

2.2.1   Users using this service need to register an attention account and download attention client software. Huawan will provide users with attention account, use functions and instructions, and provide guarantee for the normal operation of the service. (Please refer to "Concentrated Communication Cloud Service Level Agreement")

2.2.2   Attention client software in this service provides multiple application versions including but not limited to Windows , Mac , iOS , Android, etc. The user must select a software version that matches the installed terminal device. If the user has registered to use one version of the service, he can use the other version of the service with the same account. This agreement automatically applies to all versions of software and services used by the user.

2.3   Scope of the Service License

2.3.1 Huawan authorized users have personal, non-transferable, non-exclusive rights to use the eye-catching rights, and Huawan also reserves the right to withdraw the authorization under any necessary circumstances.

2.3.2   Users can install, use, and run the software on terminal devices for non-commercial purposes. However, unless specifically authorized, the user may not adapt or trade the software program in any form.

2.3.3 All   other rights not expressly authorized by this Article and other terms of this Agreement shall remain with Huawan, and you must obtain Huawan's written permission when exercising these rights. If Huawan fails to exercise any of the aforementioned rights, it does not constitute a waiver of such rights.

Third, the acquisition, installation, uninstallation and update of software

3.1 The   user shall download and install the attention according to the designated website or method of Huawan. Beware of downloading this software on non-designated websites to prevent terminal devices from being infected with malicious programs that can destroy user data and obtain user privacy information. If a user obtains the software or an installation program with the same name as the software from a third party that is not authorized by Huawan, Huawan cannot guarantee the normal use of the software and will not be responsible for the losses caused to you.

3.2 The user must choose the version of this software that matches the installed terminal equipment, otherwise, any software problems, equipment problems or damages caused by the mismatch between the software and the device model will be borne by the user.

3.3 After downloading the installation program, you need to follow the steps suggested by the program to install it properly.

3.4 If you no longer need to use the software or need to install a new version of the software, you can uninstall it yourself.

3.5   In order to improve user experience and improve service content, Huawan has the right to provide you with software replacement, modification and upgrade versions from time to time. After the new software version is released, Huawan does not guarantee the continued availability of the old software. Please check and download the latest version at any time.

3.6   Huawan may notify users of software updates through announcements, update logs, etc., but Huawan does not need to give users special notice.

Fourth, the main rights and obligations

After the user fills in the information as instructed in the registration page, reads and agrees to this agreement, and completes all the registration procedures, the user can obtain a noticeable account and become a noticeable user.

4.1 User qualification

The user shall be a natural person, legal person or other organization with full capacity for civil rights and capacity for behavior that is compatible with the civil conduct. If the user does not have the aforementioned civil capacity that is compatible with the user's behavior, the user and the user's guardian shall bear all the consequences arising therefrom in accordance with the law.

4.2 Registration Information

When applying for the attention service, users may have to provide Huawan with the necessary true and accurate personal or corporate information. Huawan may require you to complete real-name authentication in accordance with relevant rules and Chinese laws. If there is any change in your personal information, you must take the initiative to update it in a timely manner. In order to protect the interests of users and the company, Huawan has the right to verify the relevant materials submitted by the user (such as a copy of the natural person's ID card, a copy of the business legal person's business license, a copy of the public institution's legal person certificate, the company's official statement / instruction, etc.) before making a decision Whether to approve the registration application. If the submitted materials or information are incomplete or inaccurate, you will not be able to use the service or be restricted during use. In order to ensure account security, the user agrees and authorizes, Huawan can initiate the inquiry of the authenticity of the user's identity and the validity status of the user's mobile phone number to reliable units such as telecommunications operators based on the mobile phone number provided by the user.

4.3 Registration Specifications

The user name set by the user must not violate national laws and regulations. If there is evidence that Huawan has reason to believe that the user has improperly registered, Huawan may take measures such as freezing or closing the account and refusing to provide services, such as causing damage to Huawan and related parties. In case of loss, the user shall also be liable for compensation.

4.4 Account transfer

Users can only transfer account numbers if there are legal provisions, judicial rulings, or the consent of Huawan, and they comply with the user account transfer process stipulated by the attention rules. Once the user's account is transferred, the rights and obligations under the account are also transferred. In addition, the user's account must not be transferred in any way, otherwise Huawan has the right to pursue the user's liability for breach of contract, and all liabilities arising therefrom shall be borne by the user.

4.5 Account Custody and Use

4.5.1 Attention users should set up and properly keep attention accounts and passwords. Huawan will not be liable for any losses and consequences caused by the user's active disclosure or because you have been attacked or deceived by others.

4.5.2 The registered account is limited to the user's own use. It is forbidden to give, borrow, rent or sell. The user must be responsible for all actions under the registered account, including any content posted by the user and any consequences arising therefrom.

4.6 User Precautions

4.6.1 You understand and agree that in order to provide you with effective services, the software will utilize the resources such as the processor and bandwidth of your terminal equipment. The use of this software may incur the cost of data traffic. Users need to know the relevant tariff information from the operator themselves and bear the relevant costs themselves.

4.6.2 Because the user uses the software or requires Huawan to provide specific services, the software may call a third-party system or support the user's use or access through a third party, and the results of the use or access are provided by the third party. Huawan does not Huawan guarantees the security, accuracy, effectiveness and other uncertain risks of the services and contents provided by third parties. Any disputes and damages caused by it shall not be related to Huawan and Huawan will not bear any responsibility.

4.6.3   You understand and agree that if you are a paying user and you have not submitted a written objection to the quality of the product after you purchase the product and complete the registration, it shall be deemed to be qualified for acceptance; after you purchase the product of the cloud service, use it Within each cycle of the service, if no written notice of termination of service is given to Huawan, it shall be deemed to have passed the current acceptance. The above-mentioned acceptance and passing of acceptance will not affect the continuous service of upgrading, optimizing, and supporting the product or service provided by Huawan during the process of using the noticeable product or service.